Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Exhaustion with Some Post-Christmas Play

You'd think they'd give ME a cup (or bowl!) of mulled apple cider with that cool stick there! No!

Here are some pictures of me... waiting. And waiting... and I can SEE my stocking! See it???

Here's one little person who comes around a lot. I really like this little girl with the red hair! She rocks!

Yay! My peeps finally gave me my toys! This one's my favorite. It has a squeeky inside and is soft and fits my mouth just right! I like this! I sent the gingerbread man squeeky home with the little girl for her doggie - my friend, Buddy! He'll like that!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Santa Paws and the Park!

They say a picture's worth a thousand words, and since no one seems to understand my words, I post lotsa pictures! Logical? I think so! At top is a photo I left out from a couple of days ago... I think it just tells the story of how excited I was to play the new game, "Get the porcupine outta the Tree." The second picture is of my Mom and Dad and me with Honey, my best friend and we are getting fed and prepped for a visit with Santa Paws. Then there are a couple of me with S.P., not looking real excited. I want Santa to export the whole store there to my house, ok? Not a bad wish, I'd say. Then there's a better picture of Honey with Santa Paws. She'd like some long, stick-like jerky (about 50 of them) under the tree. After it was all over, Honey's mom and me and my mom and dad went to Marinwood Park for some fun and games on the trail and in the creek by the path. Lotsa fun for a lazy, wet Sunday! Have some happy howlidays! WOOF!
Love and Licks,

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Lemonade Award

You won’t believe this, but I got a fabu lemonade award from Joey—for dog bloggers who show great attitude and/or gratitude! Isn’t that neat? WOOF! I need to nominate 10 more dogs who show great attitude and/or gratitude, let them know on their comments page, and then put links to their blogs on my own blog. This is sort of complex, as I’m not sure either how to do that. But I’ll tell you who I nominated, so check out their posts, cause these doggies are rockin’!
Dixie at
(Oh! Is that a link?)
Snowy and Crystal
And my fave Dad of all time, Billdad! All of the last doggies (except billdad) are on this Blogger site. WOOF! Thank you so much, Joey! Licks and Love, Samantha

Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Park, at Home, and... a Tree

My folks sure take their sweet time, huh! Today, they took me to the park, then we went to this place where there was a fake forest of trees. The only thing that tasted good were the wood chips all over the ground. I couldn't help but eat them - fiber, you know. They lugged one of the trees from the pretend woods home and then (you won't believe this!) they hammered and hemmed and hawed and finally brought that tree into my house!!! THEN, as if that weren't enough, they practically set fire to it with all those lights and stuff. It looks like they took a bunch of shiny stuff and threw it at that poor tree. I went to sleep. They tried to wake me up - by now I know it's for a picture with that awful flash in my eyes - but I knew better. I was trying to sleep off a busy day, but SHE had to come in and take a picture of me sleeping. Can you imagine that? Wow.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Golden Ambassador at Skating Rink!

I gotta tell you something - everybody loves me. I don't try to get attention or anything - it just happens. On Sunday, Mom, Dad, their son, Anthony, and their granddaughter, Cameron, all took me to Justin Herman Plaza in San Francisco to hang out while they went ice skating. Now, last year they took me up to the snow in the Sierras and man, did I have an awesome time rolling around in that white stuff! I wish the snow would fall around here. But since it doesn't, I guess my experience last Sunday will have to do. So... here are some pictures of me at the rink. Mom tried to embarrass me by dressing me in my Christmas sweater and jingle bell necklace. It drew crowds.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Tracking with Moritz

My peeps were up awfully early this morning and they didn't go off in the dark to wherever they go. Instead, they both got me in the car and we all took off together - yay! We went to the park to do my favorite thing - tracking! There were a lot of dogs there who kept taking the treats along the tracking line though, which didn't help me stay on target very well. Moritz, a Welsh corgi is better at this. Unfortunately, my Dad did not get too many pictures of the tracking part. He got more "other" dogs. There was a 5-month old Bernese Mountain puppy there who I really loved. Here are some pictures though of the activities of the morning in the fog! WOOF!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Sammie at Play and at Rest!

Everytime I go out, Mom forgets to bring the camera. Now that I'm exhausted, she brings out that thing with the light that blinds me and wakes me up. No wonder I look flummoxed and even sad! So here I am at play, and then trying to rest. Sweet dreams to all my friends out there! (Sorry, but Mom loaded these pictures kinda backwards!)

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Things I Do!

Well... I had a bummer morning, with Pops and Mom gone - where do they go, anyway? The nerve of them leaving me home alone... Finally, around 11:30, Mom comes bopping in. I was so excited, I jumped up to greet her and wiggled my body as much as I could wiggle - it was just fantabulous to see her. I knew that we could go someplace then... But all she did was pat me a lot and gobbledygook came out her mouth. Then she went and sat at the computer for a while! Well... I was glad she was there, but... Finally, she got her keys and coat and that's the SIGN! I raced to the door and she came up to me with my collar and leash and off we went to the park! Yeorrrrrrr! Kong time!

I haven't told you about the things I have to do sometimes other than play. Mom takes me to "Obedience" once a week over at the Oakland Dog Training place. I do half an hour of stuff that fries my brain! But I kind of like it. I get lots of treats when I do good. Then on Friday mornings, I get to do something really cool. Mom's teaching me tracking. I LOVE tracking. There's a ton of great smells everywhere - rabbits, deer, other dogs, coyotes, and even mountain lions. They've been in that meadow, but only us dogs know. The best scents of course, are the treats, which I follow for the most part. Here's a couple of pictures of me doing obedience at my friends' house. Terra and Shanti do obedience too. The smaller dog with the blue collar is Shanti. Terra and Shanti also know how to do hunt trials. My Mom doesn't want me to do that, but ducks sure smell good! WOOF!