Friday, February 20, 2009

A Mini-Vacay!

Mom and Dad loaded me in the car with the grandpeeps late on Tuesday in a driving rain. After a couple of hours, the rain turned into white things coming down. Then, about three long hours later, I got to sleep with Mom and Dad on their bed!!! In the morning, the sun shone brightly and I got to go out. Guess what? It was coooollddd and there was fluffy powdery clouds covering the ground! Did I ever have a great time in this yummy thing called snow. I got to gallop in it, search for squirrels and hunt for gophers. I got to play with the grandpeeps, Mom and Dad, who attached weird webbed things on their feet. And, there were other doggies. Sometimes pine branches dumped their loads on my head - Woof! I had a pawsome, pawsome time and did not want to go back in that car and go home!

Happy Weekend and xo Samantha with love and hugsz.

1 comment:

Khyra The Siberian Husky said...

Oh My Sam!

Did WOO have fun or what?!?!

Tank woo fur sharing that!

I'm sooooo jealous!

Of khourse, I'd be on my tether/leash!